B.A.F. = Bomb A** Food...

Is it $20 for one B.A.F. Bomb???

Yes! It is! Let me explain…

B.A.F. Bombs are made of nearly HALF A POUND of specially curated and hand-selected artisanal spices. 

Just one B.A.F. Bomb can perfectly season up to 8 pounds of meat and provide many meals in one easy prep!

Price breakdown of the Birria B.A.F. Bomb: 

Beef, pork or lamb (8 lbs): ~ $5/lb = $40

Corn Tortillas: ~ $5

Cheese: ~ $5

B.A.F. Bomb: $20 

The entire meal costs ~$70, took minimal effort to prepare, and can make upwards of 40 tacos -- equaling less than $2 per taco! 

That’s cheaper than any fast food tacos or taco trucks and can last you all week (and these are MUCH better than a mushy ground beef, hard shell taco)!